Treatment for receding gums | Kerrisdale Dental Clinic

Receding gums, medically referred to as gingival recession, is an unsightly condition in which the roots of the teeth are exposed due to, as the name suggests, the recession of the gumline. Worse yet, this condition can lead to tooth sensitivity, and make teeth more susceptible to cavities and tooth loss, as the gums are no longer in place to protect the root.

There are some steps you can take to help prevent receding gums. Unfortunately, there are also contributing factors to developing receding gums which are beyond your control. Some people are genetically predisposed to gingival recession, and as they age will start to notice the condition developing. In addition, smoking and gum disease can worsen or even cause the gums to recede. With gum disease, plaque and tartar have built up below the gum line, leading to infection, decay and often loss of gum tissue. Gum disease can largely be prevented with regular, careful brushing and flossing and bi-yearly dental visits. While oral hygiene is important, brushing too hard or with too coarse a brush can exacerbate the problem. Use gentle strokes with a soft bristled brush, and brush for at least a minute and a half twice a day.

If receding gums are caught early, they are usually easier to rectify. Often, a deep cleaning, or scaling and root planing, can be used to clean below the gum-line in an effort to repair the damage and allow the gums to heal. If the gum tissue has already been significantly damaged, a gum graft- a procedure in which healthy tissue is removed from one area of the mouth and grafted onto the affected gum- may be necessary. If the treatment is successful, the tissue will fuse to the gum-line during the healing process, and the root of the tooth will be protected. Gum grafting is a safe and effective procedure for restoring receded gums.

If you suspect your gum line is receding, call or come in to Kerrisdale Dental Clinic as soon as you can. We are conveniently located at #265-2025 W. 42nd Ave here in Vancouver, B.C. You can also fill out our contact form outlining your concerns and when you would like to come in. Take heart- receding gums are completely treatable with prompt and professional dental care.