Mission Statement

Kerrisdale Dental Clinic is located in beautiful Kerrisdale in South Vancouver, offering comfortable, gentle and professional dental care to patients of all ages. We are committed to serving all members of our community with excellence in dental care. We understand that each patient will have unique needs, and we are respectful of our patient’s various needs, affordability, schedules, and languages. We provide general and cosmetic dentistry options, as well as orthodontic and endodontic treatments, making Kerrisdale Dental Clinic a one-stop office for your entire family.

We provide our patients with services in laser dentistry, teeth whitening, dental implants, dental restorations, cosmetic dentistry and Invisalign. We have state of the art equipment such as dental X-ray technology and CEREC to ensure that our patients receive the highest quality of care.

We believe that a patient’s oral health is paramount to their overall health and well-being, and that having a beautiful, healthy smile can greatly boost one’s confidence as well. Therefore, we go that extra step to ensure that each treatment is tailored to your individual smile. Whether you have a perfect smile and just need regular cleanings and checkups, or if you have teeth discolouration, missing teeth, chipped teeth, or other dental problems that not only restrict your teeth from functioning well but prevent you from giving an all-out smile, our quality services can help you and make your smile look more beautiful.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are available to address any questions or concerns you may have, or to book an appointment for you at your earliest convenience. Contact us today to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!